<font size="3" style="font-weight: bold;">The Sea and The Mountainside</font> <br />
<br />
<br />
Will I ever truly know what time it is<br />
Or how the seasons change<br />
I put each day in a lineup <br />
Just to move them out of place<br />
Whenever I return home<br />
I am hiding from my own time zone<br />
The wild world in my bones<br />
<br />
Do you remember the calling of the dawn<br />
How quickly silence is drawn<br />
And what wonder<br />
Did we call each evening upon<br />
Fresh footprints in the lawn<br />
Every day and its very own song<br />
To each new awakening<br />
<br />
Will you know me when I am just a breeze<br />
A whisper through the leaves<br />
And did I tell you<br />
How you carried me<br />
When I couldn&rsquo;t understand<br />
And we would be on our feet when we land<br />
Our wooden anchor set to sea<br />
<br />
I&rsquo;m setting up camp on the edge by and by<br />
I&rsquo;m a rock solid pilot who is scared to fly<br />
So please don&rsquo;t throw me a rope next time<br />
I need to fall<br />
I need to learn how to climb<br />
<br />
With each root and each grain<br />
Grace unfolds<br />
Her never-ending molds<br />
I&rsquo;m jumping trains with the pale moon sky<br />
And we are standing on the bloom<br />
We are tiptoeing through the room<br />
We are the sea and the mountainside<br />
The sea and the mountainside<br />
The sea and the mountainside<br />
<br />